Meet the New Blood Angels Abilities

The Blood Angels have a set of new tricks up their sleeves, or maybe that's visions in their heads. Let's take a look.

by Bell of Lost Souls Competitive
The Most Improved Units from Codex: Death Guard

Before and after stat blocks for the Death Guard. Changes to Plague Marines, Possessed, and Daemon Engines.

Life as a Chaos Space Marine, as told by ADB

Aaron-Demski Bowden is an accomplished 40k author and here he describes what it might be a Chaos Space Marine. There's an excerpt by Humperdink34, and a link to the full post by ADB.

Getting Started: Tyranids

A guide on how to start your very own army of galaxy devouring nids.

Blood Angels vs Black Legion 2000pts

This battle uses the new Blood Angels codex.

by Tabletop Tactics Video 1h40m17s
How to Paint Space Marines: Flesh Tearers Armour

Ever wondered how Wade from Warhammer TV paints his Flesh Tearers? Well, wonder no more! Check out this video for step-by-step instructions.

by Warhammer Video 6m39s
Top 5 Most Ridiculous Plot Holes in Warhammer 40k

Plot hole might be too strong of a term for some of these, but there are definitely some inconsistencies in the lore that are pointed out in this video.

by Majorkill Video 12m8s Lore
Dan Abnett - Black Library Author Interviews - Warhammer Preview Online

Dan Abnett talks about his latest book here. It's an exciting one, to say the least.

by Warhammer Video 9m32s


Masters of the Forge  - Ep 154 - Crusade of the Vlka Fenryka

In this episode, we finally get around to chatting in detail about the new Codex layout and faction-specific Crusade materials. We also look at the evolution of the recent Space Wolf lore.

The Adeptus Terra Podcast - Ep 75 - 'Phoenix Lords and the Khan walk into a bar' Now 50% uncut!

In this month's episode we will look at what we have been doing in the latest lock down. We take a look at the origin stories of the Phoenix lords and finally we review Scar by Chris Wraight.