A new video for Darktide is out! I'm also finding a lot of awesome art and paint jobs, so be sure to check those out.

Darktide - Official Gameplay Trailer

I love Left 4 Dead and I really liked Vermintide 2. Darktide is an upcoming coop shooter, like Vermintide, set in a hive world in 40k. I am beyond excited for this.

Hammer of Math: New Disgustingly Resilient

The new rule for how the Death Guard can soak up damage reduces the damage of an attack by 1. This post goes into detailed mathematics of how this, and similar rules, play out on the table.

The Emperor of Mankind Lore Video

This is a really great lore video. Cool production value and well narrated. It is, unsurprisingly, about the God-Emperor.

by The Templin Institute Video 18m10s
How to Paint: Your Miniatures in Christmas Baubles

How to put your 40k miniatures into decorations and still be able to take them out to play with them.

by Warhammer Video 8m8s
40K App Updates - Data Sheets, Updates, and More

Short form data sheets have been added to every unit in the game. More detailed ones still require redeeming codex codes.

The App, Six Months On

An updated review of the app to go with the updates I linked above.

How to Paint Scars and Bruises

The battlefields of the Warhammer universes can be fairly violent, it's fair to say... Learn how to paint wounds, bruises, and scars in today's video!

by Warhammer Video 5m44s
Why do orks have human slaves?

'Umie hands make light work.

Home - Cold Open Stories

Short fiction. Audio dramas. Performed by fans. Cold Open Stories is a home for unofficial Warhammer 40,000 writers and performers.

Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition Review

Space Hulk Deathwing is a Warhammer 40K tactical FPS from the creators of EYE Divine Cybermancy. However, is the Enhanced Edition really that enhanced?

by MandaloreGaming Video 24m39s


The Adeptus Terra Podcast - Ep 76 - 'The tip of the penal'

In this Christmas episode we take a look at the Penal legions and what not to do if you don't want to become a member of their ranks! We close out the year with a review with Mark from FrostFiend...

Masters of the Forge - Ep 155 - Flashpoints

The end is nigh and it's time to start planning your gaming in 2021. If you've got a big group of folks with whom you play, why not try out Flashpoints? We delve into the first two installments of the 3-part Flashpoint Argovon from White Dwarfs 457 and 458.