This week's edition seems to very lore heavy. Fine by me, I love the lore! I've updated the styles of the newsletter, so hopefully you like it. It looks more 40k, but design is not my strong suit.

New Year New Models – Coming Early 2021

Very short video with some tantalizing shots of new models, and a full view of a large scary lookin dude.

by Warhammer Video 42s
How the Dark Angels lost a homeworld and gained the Rock

Some Space Marines Chapters live in the most extravagant fortresses while others exist as fleet-based armies. Thanks to their home, the Rock, the Dark Angels have the best of both worlds.

Alpharius And Ravenor - Limited Edition Books

GW is showing off some gorgeous new Limited Edition volumes coming soon.

Famous Renegade Marine Chapters

Renegade Space Marines aren't always Chaos Space Marines but all Chaos Space Marines are Renegades. Loremasters, let's chat.

by Adam Harrison Lore
Next White Dwarf to Feature Index Astartes: Emperor's Spears

The article is written by ADB, who also wrote Spears of the Emperor, the novel featuring this Chapter.

The Necron politics are even worse than the Imperium.

Some neat tidbits of Necron lore in here. Did you know about "mountains of unanimated Necron skulls to deter rebellions"?

A small Warhammer40K meets Diablo fanproject

This is a small video of gameplay featuring a Thunder Warrior killing some xeno in isometric view.


Masters of the Forge - Ep 156 - Escape from Outpost 2020

In this episode we talk about our hobby progress as always and briefly go over the third installment of Flashpoint Argovon. For our main content, we've got a Crusade game featuring Jason's Tzeentch forces assaulting a small underground Imperial outpost and a discussion of our intentions and dreams for 2021.