More details about the upcoming Darktide. Lots of Death Guard information as well.

The Incredibly Nerdy Details Behind Darktide

Fatshark explains the thought process between recreating the feel of Warhammer 40,000 in their upcoming co-op shooter, Darktide.

Death Guard Combat Patrol Pricing Breakdown

A price breakdown of the contents of this box. Is it worth the price for you? It depends a bit on what you already own.

Black Library Ebook - Servants of the Imperium

This ebook has three novellas featuring the Custodian Guard, the Sisters of Battle, and tank crews of the Imperial Guard.

by Black Library $9.99 USD
How to Paint Battle Ready Death Guard

Guide by the official Warhammer YouTube on how to paint your rotting traitors.

by Warhammer Video 16m56s
Terminator Armor Patterns

Lore about the various patterns of the big bad Terminator armor.

by Larry Vella Lore
Centurion Warsuit Lore: When Your Armor Needs Armor

More lore about armor. This time for when you really need to layer up.

by Travis Pash Lore
7 of the most gruesome new rules for the Death Guard - Warhammer Community

Death Guard Week kicks off with a look at a cornucopia of revolting new rules.


Short clips of some 40k animation, with a special appearance from the Doom Guy at the end. I'm 50% sure the ending is not canon.

by SODAZ Video 38s
New Unit: Lord of Virulence

This new HQ unit has an aura effect that gives nearby units firing Plague weapons an extra 1 pen if they roll a nat 6 to wound.

Adeptus Custodes Lore Video

If you want to learn more about these shiny badasses this video is well put together and has lots of lore.

by The Templin Institute Video 16m57s Lore