I ended up with a lot more art than articles this week. I'm excited for the preview on Saturday, but it's probably a bit early for me. I'll catch the VOD.

Playing Death Guard with the New Codex

Don Hooson and Robert Jones give their thoughts and tips about playing with the updated Death Guard.

by Goonhammer Competitive
Top List Of The Week - Necrons Take Charge

The top list of a Necron army from a recent tournament is listed here. There's also some stats about army popularity. Sisters of Battle have jumped up to the most popular option.

by Adam Harrison Competitive
New T'au Aircraft

Remora Drones are AI controlled air units ready to start blasting you off the table.

Warhammer Preview Online This Saturday

GW has promised this will be a big reveal. The reveal will happen on Twitch and there's a handy guide in the article for when to watch in your timezone.

The Cage That Broke Rogal Dorn

The Iron Cage was a battle between the Iron Warriors and the Imperial Fists shortly after the end of the Horus Heresy.

by Larry Vella Lore


40k Badcast Ep 88

They talk about 2020 and look optimistically towards 2021. This is a new podcast for me, so there's a lot of backlog for me to go through.

Masters of the Forge Ep 157 - Blood Angels on Crusade

A long (LONG) episode about Blood Angels. I think it's almost four hours.