Space Marine Spartan Vehicle from 1989

Similar to the article last week about 40k's first reveal, this article takes a trip down memorium lanium. The Spartan wasn't its own unit, but a modified Land Raider.

Start Competing: Flesh Tearers

Flesh Tearers are a brutal Blood Angels successor chapter. If you're looking to get into them this article has good info on strengths and weaknesses, and breakdowns of their abilities.

Belial Lore: Grandmaster of the Deathwing

Belial's origin story is a classic knightly story of the tournament combatant who refuses to take off his mask.

by Travis Pasch Lore
Interview With Aaron Dembski-Bowden

ADB has written many many books in the 40k universe and if you want to learn more about him this interview is over 3 hours long.

by AoS Coach Video 3h10m45s
Lore In Official Rulebooks on the Decline

The lore in the core rulebooks has been going down in recent editions. Why is that?

by Larry Vella Lore
Multilanguage Warhammer eBook Humble Bundle

A Humble Bundle of Black Library books with English, German, and French options.


The Adeptus Terra Podcast Ep 77 - First and Only

In the 77th episode of The Adeptus Terra Podcast we will take a look at all of your hobby commitments for 2021, the fallen Dark Angels and in this months book club we take a look at the first book in the Gaunts Ghosts series - First and only!

Masters of the Forge Ep 158 - The Fall of Shadowbrink

Detailed examples of conflicts which feature two non-human factions aren't very common. The story of the Fall of Shadowbrink comes from the 6th edition Tyranids codex and pits Hive Fleet Leviathan versus an alliance of Chaos Daemons. In this episode, we chat about the lore and playing it out on your tabletop with a 4-game narrative.

The Warhammer Community Podcast: Episode 30 – Nick Bayton on Armies of Parade

Warhammer TV presenter Nick Bayton takes a look back at Armies on Parade 2020, from some of the top entries to the live awards ceremony that he hosted. Watch as he reminisces about some of the best hobby from last year.

by Warhammer Video 39m5s