Lots of great Sisters of Battle cosplays in here.

The Grim Dark's Most Experimental Weapons

A look back at some of the stat sheets from past weapons. The Virus Grenade is particularly cool.

The Raptor - Awesome Video

Awesome computer rendered scene of a Space Marine suiting up. Really well done.

Video 3m14s
The Rise of the Imperial Cult

This is a great article for the loremasters out there about how the worship of the God-Emperor rose to be the official religion of the Imperium.

by J.R. Zambrano Lore
Total War: Warhammer III Announcement Trailer

A new Total War game with a focus on daemons.

The Great Devourer - Tyranids Lore Video

Detailed video about the various bioforms that make up the terrifying Tyranids.

by Luetin09 Video 1h13m26s Lore
Ebook and Audiobook for Dawn Of Fire: The Gate Of Bones

As the Indomitus Crusade spreads across the Imperium Sanctus, the cardinal world Gathalamor is caught in the grip of war – but when an ancient evil is unearthed, the entire crusade is threatened…

Sister of Battle with Simulacrum Imperialis

Awesome cosplay with lots of skulls on a stick.

by dragonhe_art /r/Warhammer40k Cosplay Video
Sister of Battle Cosplay With Chainsword

More SoB cosplay, this one is a motorized chainsword.

by dragonhe_art /r/Warhammer40k Video Cosplay
Repentia Cosplay with Eviscerator

Another working chainsword, but the Eviscerator is a mite bigger.

by dragonhe_art /r/Warhammer40k Video Cosplay


Chapter Tactics #192: What The LVNo Means For the Future of 40k

Today the guys talk about the Las Vegas Nopen and the surprising results and takeaways from running the largest streamed collaborative event in competitive 40k history.

by Chapter Tactics 1h31m
The Warhammer Community Podcast: Episode 31 Chris 'Peachy' Peach on Remote Gaming

Are you missing playing games? Well, Chris 'Peachy' Peach has just what you need as he shares his tips for remote gaming in this week's Warhammer Community Podcast.

by Warhammer Video 43m31s