Mathammer: The Law of Averages

I love how the use of examples to show how to apply some of the mathematic rules-of-thumb that the author provides.

Renegade Loyalist Space Marine Chapters

Some Adeptus Astartes are declared Excommunicate Traitoris, but still consider themselves servants of the Imperium. They have to both evade the Imperium, and fight its enemies.

by Majorkill Video 17m12s Lore
New Unit: Heavy Intercessors

It's been too long since we've had a new Space Marine unit.

How to Sculpt Fur: 3 Easy Steps!

This fur ended up looking really nice.

by Jack Of Clubs Painting Video 8m52s
The short film 'Astartes' has now made me terrified of Space Marines

Any excuse to talk about Astartes is excuse enough.

by ByzantineBasileus /r/40kLore Lore Discussion
A brief history of Uriel Ventris

An Ultramarine that defies the Codex? Yes indeed.

by Warhammer Community Lore Lore
How to Paint Space Marines: Captain Uriel Ventris

This video pairs up really well with another link in this issue. Can you guess which one?

by Warhammer Video 39m9s


Chapter Tactics Ep 194: How the Imperium of Man Compares to Other Empires in History

Today the special guest of the podcast ancient historian Dr. Bret Devereaux answers questions about the Imperium and how it functions as an empire compared to other empires in ancient history.

by Chapter Tactics 1h33m
Masters of the Forge Ep 159: Ben's Cortex Hive Crusading Force

We were lucky to be joined by Ben to hear about his Chaos warband, a rag-tag group of ne'er-do-wells from the aptly named Cortex Hive. We talk about the lore, Crusade list, and hobby for this imaginative force.

40k Game Changers Ep 5: Winters

Winters. Like Cher or Madonna he is known by just one name. His youtube channel produces some of the most watched Warhammer 40k content on the planet. He regularly attracts up to 80,000 views on battle reports.