Penitent Preorder - Latest Bequin Novel by Dan Abnett

This is a preorder for the next book in the Bequin series. I've only read the Eisenhorn and am working through Ravenor right now, but if they're anything to go by then this is worth checking out.

by Dan Abnett
Black Library Celebration: Dan Abnett and Eisenhorn's return

If I got your attention with the link above, you might be interested in this interview with the author himself.

by Warhammer Video 31m43s Lore
How to Paint: Necron Tomb Scenery

If you're diving into the depths of the Pariah Nexus' Necron tombs, you're going to need to know how to paint the terrain. Luckily for you, the painting team is here to show you how.

by Warhammer Video 7m49s
How I overcome hand tremors while mini painting

If you find your hands shaking while you paint this could be helpful for you.

by Black Magic Craft Video 15m14s
Competitive Innovations in 9th: Ten Units to Watch

Including Chaos Terminators, Assault Centurions, Psychomancers, and Kustom Stompas.

World's Most Expensive Model: Thunderhawk

This video goes through the history and story of this metal miniature. If you want to skip the video the model was 400 GBP back in 1997.

by Squidmar Miniatures Video 13m20s
Full-size Cawl pattern bolt rifle

This thing is absolutely massive.

Five New Images

They are: Culexus Assassin, Blood Angels Crusade, Ultramine Bladeguard Veterans vs Chaos Lord, Imperium Nihlus, and Cadia March

New Dark Eldar 40k Rules SPOTTED!

Don’t miss the new Dark Eldar 40k rules that were spotted for Druhkari Wyches & Kabalite Warriors for their 2021 codex.

The Death Guard FAQ Hot Take

Reactions to the recently released Death Guard FAQ.