Warhammer 40,000 is coming to Magic: The Gathering. Yes, really

The popular (very popular) trading card game, Magic: The Gathering, is printing some Warhammer 40K cards.

News From the Front

New Model Monday is starting. Sneak peek of the Dark Eldar. Necromunda updates.

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The Emperor's Webway Project Makes No Sense

The plan to replace Warp travel with the Elday Webway has some flaws.

by Abe Apfel Lore
Top 20 Ways to Die in Commorragh

Each death is pulled from an existing piece of canon. My favorite is being turned into an instrument.

Who Are The Exorcists Space Marines?

Th Exorcists are one of my favourite chapters. Their training involves being willingly possessed by a daemon. So cool.

by Adam Harrison Lore
Unit Roles in 9th Edition – Brawlers

This is part of a 5 article series on the different unit types that successful armies are comprised of. Brawlers are your well rounded close combat units, such as Boyz, Keepers of Secrets, and dudes in Terminator armor.

by James "One_Wing" Grover Competitive


40k Game Changers Ep7: Rick Priestley

Rick created Warhammer 40,000 ‘Rogue Trader’ in the mid 80’s as a side project. Essentially the boss at Games Workshop (Brian Ansell) was throwing poor Rick a bone just so Mister Priestley would stop going on and on about this game he wanted to write.

Art of War Ep. 80.1: Will Dark Angels Take Over the Meta?

Listen to the latest AoW podcast where the crew talks about the possible impending domination of the Dark Angels!

The Adeptus Terra Podcast Ep. 78: We are unique objects

The Adeptus Terra podcast episode 78: We are unique objects
In the 78th episode of The Adeptus Terra Podcast we will take a look at some unique objects in the galaxy and we have an interview/discussion with Liam from the youtube channel and instagram accou...

Masters of the Forge Ep. 160: The Lion and the Wolf

With the new Dark Angels Codex having just been released, we decided to delve not only into the Crusade content therein, but also take a more detailed dive into the relationship between the Unforgiven and the Space Wolves.