Warhammer Animation: Astartes

The Astartes fan films are phenomenal, and now the man behind them is working on an official Games Workshop followup. Three other teams are working on official 40k animations as well: Lost Legion Studios, PaxelArt, and Codex Film.

The Exodite Official Trailer

A short teaser of an upcoming animation featuring the Tau. This is part of the Warhammer Animation project linked above.

by Warhammer Video 50s
Painting $2500 Worth of Warhammer to Give Away

Squidmar saw a post about someone forced to sell their long-lived Tau army. So he got a replacement army together and painted it to give to that lucky fellow.

by Squidmar Miniatures Video 20m14s
Battle Report: The Devastation of Baal

A narrative battle report where the Blood Angels need to run out the clock.

by winters SEO Video 2h26m31s
New Piety & Pain 40k Box Value & Release Date

This new box of Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar has a total MSRP of its component parts of $311 and is up for pre-order on March 20th.

Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons 2000pts

Psykers vs psykers! It's been a while since I've included Tabletop Tactics, but they produce really high quality videos.

by Tabletop Tactics Video 1h56m55s
Crimson Fists Eradicator Sergeant With LED Lights

The LED lights in these models look fantastic.


40K Game Changers Ep 8: Neil Kerr

Neil Kerr is the head judge of the World Team Championship for Warhammer 40,000