The lesser-known Titans and Aircraft in the Imperium's arsenal

A compilation of different variations of Titans and spacecraft, from multiple sources.

Exorcists Rules From White Dwarf

For those that don't have a copy of the physical magazine.

Most Expensive Warhammer 40K Army List?

A fun little experiment of what you could get to have the most expensive 2000 pt army.

by Auspex Tactics Video 5m48s


40K Game Changers Ep 9: Play On Tabletop

Play On Tabletop is a YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers, focusing on battle reports.

Chapter Tactics Ep. 197: What Normalizing Team Tournaments Would Do for Competitive 40k

Today Peteypab, Brandon, Val, and Skari talk about what the global community needs to do to have more team tournaments and also the benefits team tournaments bring to competitive 40k.

by Chapter Tactics 1h32m