Games Workshop To Release Dating App

A new dating app aimed at bringing together 40k and WHF fans who might make a good match.

Adepta Sororitas vs Necrons 2000pts Battle Report

A match using the Beta Maelstrom of War Mission.

by Tabletop Tactics Video 2h32m57s
Getting Started With Black Library – Astra Militarum

Top picks from GW for books and stories for those interested in the Imperial Guard. I personally really recommend Gaunt's Ghosts series.

5 Best Warhammer 40k Chaos Units You Should Know

The best Chaos units and why they're worth bringing to the table.

by Hellfire Gaming Competitive
New SoB Model: the Dogmata

A new Adepta Sororitas unit with the power to condemn a sister to the ranks of the Repentia.


Chapter Tactics Ep. 198: How to Win in 9th Without Killing a Single Unit

A look at using objectives, zoning, and resource management to win games.

by Chapter Tactics 1h26m
Chapter Tactics Ep. 199: Are We Entering a New Golden Age of 40k?

Today Peteypab and the guys talk about the direction the game is heading in and speculate about the current balance and game play. They also talk about what an ideal Golden Age in 40k looks like, and discuss whether 9th edition is heading in that direction.

by Chapter Tactics 1h22m
Masters of the Forge Ep. 162 - War Zone Charadon Act I

We go from guarded yet hopeful to punchy yet relieved in this monster 4 hour-ish episode. In this one, we discuss the lore and Crusade content for War Zone Charadon Act I: The Book of Rust and the accompanying White Dwarf Issues 460, 461, and 462.