Who Are Those ‘Beast Snagga’ Gits, Anyway?

A new Ork unit featuring the green riding the red.

5 New Horus Heresy & 40k Black Library Releases

They are: Primarch Alpharius: Head of The Hyrda; The Lost And The Damned; The Imperial Palace Map; Ahriman: Sorcerer (Audiobook)

Our 10 Favorite 40k Armies From Adepticon 2019

Don't miss the top 10 throwback Warhammer 40k armies from the last Adepticon 2019 that are painted beyond tabletop level.

by Travis Pasch Competitive
Doomed Encounters; How to Lose at 40k

An article about how to comport yourself when you're a competitive player going into a match you're almost certainly going to lose.

by Brent Competitive
Round Table: Let’s Remember Some Rules

Going back through old 40K rules like an Indiana Jones of D6s.

Worst Units for Every Army in 40K? The Weakest Units for Each Faction

This is laid out in a clear way and the points are well thought out.

by Auspex Tactics Video 25m22s Competitive
Competitive Innovations Editorial: Tier 4 Blues pt.1

A breakdown of two factions that ranked Tier 4 in the Goonhammer April Tier List: Deathwatch & Chaos Space Marines.