New Sisters of Battle Unit: Celestian Sacresants

A new focused SoB unit with a shield and massive melee weapon.

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector - Strategy Video Game

This is a new turn based 40K strategy game. Check out the Steam page for gameplay footage and screenshots. The game isn't out, so no reviews just yet.

Plague Purge: The Goonhammer Review

A look into Plague Purge, the newest Crusade expansion book.

Be Nice, Roll Dice: Tips For Dealing With Social Anxiety At The Game Table

Five simple tips for those who get socially anxious during their wargaming.

How the Aeldari Will Die

The Eldar have many different legends about what might bring about their doom.

by Larry Vela Lore


Masters of the Forge Ep. 163 - Drukhari on Crusade

We were joined in this one by Brian from the Splintermind podcast to discuss the new Crusade content for Drukhari.

Chapter Tactics #200: How to Turn the Hobby You Love into a Career | Frontline Gaming

Today Peteypab brings on Reece from Frontline Gaming, Dave from Miniwargaming, and Skari from Skaredcast to talk about what it takes to turn Warhammer into a professional career. They also talk about entry level jobs and other ways you can make Warhammer your profession.