Necromunda: Hired Gun - Enter the Hive Trailer

New trailer for the upcoming FPS game where you play as a bounty hunter in the world of Hive city gangers.

by Focus Home Interactive Video 1m55s
Laying Waste With the Chaos Knight Styrix

A look at the Knight Styrix unit, Its stats, special rules, and whether it's worth running.

This Battle Sister Has It All – Faith, a Sword, and an Absolutely Massive Banner

A preview of a new Adepta Sororitas unit charged with protecting holy relics.

Goatboy’s Warhammer 40k: Getting the Most From Your Dice

Dice etiquette. Dicetiquette. Some courtesies for choosing and using your dice.

How to Paint Everything: Picking a Custom Colour Scheme

Some helpful tips on how to pick the custom scheme for your units, including a look at color theory and complementary colors.

by silks
Going Fast and Breaking Things: Are Drukhari Too Good?

Drukhari got a new codex and seem to be dominating recent tournaments. Are they overpowered? Some interesting talk and stats to go with it.

by Goonhammer Competitive
How viable is Warhammer as a serious Competitive game?

To go with the previous post about the Drukhari, this post has a conversation about how seriously you can take 40k as a competitive game.